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MQA Metroquadro Architetti

About us
Events2021-MQA Architetti @DjArch Milan

2021-MQA Architetti @DjArch Milan

Even in 2021 the tradition of DjArch continues despite Covid!
Organized by TOWANT, we will be behind the console to play music and make you dance from home.
You are all invited to participate and of course vote for our playlist >> LET'S SWING which we hope you enjoy!
In addition, the judges of this edition are Alex Farolfi and Chicco Giuliani of Radio DEEJAY who will elect the winning PlayList.

When: Tuesday 25 May at 4.00 pm
Where: Casana-Nero Sicilia | Milan



All Around Work is the new Milanese event dedicated to the future of spaces and ways of working. This is why you will find us at stand n.9 together with Base Interiors, inside the innovative Megawatt Court space, in the Around Richard district. 

When: 06/07/08 October 2020
Where: Via Watt, 15 | Milano Stand 9

Events2018-MQA Architetti@DjArch Milan

2018-MQA Architetti@DjArch Milan

Also in 2018 the DjArch tradition continues!
Organized by TOWANT, the event brings together our three favorite things: architecture, music and beers (the order of preference is variable).
We will be behind the console to play music and dance with you.
You are all invited to participate (also because no one says no to beers!) And obviously to vote for our music playlist.
In addition,Claudio Biazzetti of ROLLING STONE and Corrado Trisoglio of RADIO RDS will elect the winning PlayList of the initiative.

When:Tuesday 18th September at 20.00
Where: Pedini showroom Corso Garibaldi 9 | Milano



Tonight MQA Metroquadro Architetti will participate in the Design Duels organized by Towant Architectural Events. Double video interviews with 16 architectural firms as protagonists who will compete for the victory to the sound of applause. 

When: Thursday 4th July
Where: Via Crocefisso, 27 | Milan

Events2018-D.L.A. Dopo Lavoro Architettonico

2018-D.L.A. Dopo Lavoro Architettonico

D.L.A. Dopo Lavoro Architettonico
Reported the initiative in the LiberoMilano agenda, a new format TOWANT [SpecialProject] a series of entertainment events dedicated to the protagonists of Milanese architecture that will take place in characteristic places of the city
Theme of the evening: CABARET by Laura Magni [Colorado cabaret artist]

When: Tuesday 30th January
Where: Camparino in Galleria | Milan

Events2017-MQA Architetti@DjArch Milano

2017-MQA Architetti@DjArch Milano

Are you ready to dance ??!
MQA Metroquadro Architetti will be Dj for a night in a  full of energy performance. Let's come and visit us and dance on the rhitm of the pieces we have selected .. and then curry to vote for our playlist !! (instructions shortly) We want you all wild !!

​When: 19th September 2017, 20.00
Where: Elitis Showroom via Savona 97 cortile interno palazzina D10 | Milano




The participating public will elect the winning studio of ArchltectsParty | Award | 2017

​When: Wednesday 21st of June 19.00
Where: Hotel Tiziano via Tiziano 6 | Milan